Sep 21, 2017

SMU Department of Religious Studies and Codex join forces

Saint Mary's University, Department of Religious Studies and Codex join forces to provide students with a virtual project platform

Students will now have the ability to create and publish stunning digital projects, while also collaborating with others and receiving feedback from Professors.

September 21, 2017, HALIFAX, NS Canada – Saint Mary’s Department of Religious Studies and Dr. Mary Hale, have joined forces with Dadavan and their Codex platform to enhance the way students create and submit work while digitally interacting with each other and the teaching staff. Beginning immediately, Dr. Hales’ students will be using this unique online platform to produce and submit their term report. Dr. Hale will be able to keep a close eye on students progress and provide support as required, all through the Codex platform.

“We’re developing technology right here in Nova Scotia that is completely changing the game of technology in the classroom,” said Jennifer Hill, President, Dadavan Systems. “Saint Mary’s University is such a great school here in Nova Scotia. And as a company built by educators we jumped at the chance to show how local innovation could enhance their students’ learning experience.”

Developed as a scalable project platform this solution allows users of all levels to drag and drop video, text, images, and sound recordings to make engaging digital projects. Professors and teachers are in control of what content is accessible to the public or closed groups, ensuring student privacy is in alignment with school policies.

SMU Codex Main Page
SMU Codex Main Page

"I was intrigued with the flexibility and creativity Codex affords instructors and learners. Students are able to showcase their strengths and stretch themselves by working with both the visual and the written word. The fact that Codex is also easy to use in terms of creation and navigation is also very attractive. We just had our first assignment due and I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and quality of work that has come from the students." Said Dr. Mary Hale, Department of Religious Studies, Saint Mary’s University

Dadavan and Saint Mary’s are exploring the possibility of expanding the use of Codex to more departments as the year progresses.

In addition to using Codex to create digital projects, Codex can also be used to digitally display students and graduates work, and tell their story to prospective students and potential employers.

About Codex and Dadavan Systems

Headquartered in Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast, Dadavan Systems builds software to enrich lives through education, culture and heritage. Founded in 1998, Dadavan is best known for its student information system, Outcomes, the system of choice for Indigenous communities across North America. A female-led, B Corp certified ethical company, Dadavan is proudly committed to accountability, positive social impacts and environmental sustainability. For more information, visit


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