Jun 28, 2018

Outcomes Education Suite by Dadavan

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

Since 2001, Dadavan has worked collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Canada. The Outcomes Suite is now the number one student information management tool for Indigenous schools in Canada.

Every community we work with becomes much more than just a client - they become our partner. What this means for the community, is that they receive a custom fit solution which enables them to convert collected data into meaningful reports, which can then be used to make smart, meaningful decisions about students, schools and community goals.

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

What sets Dadavan apart?

Our culture and products have continued to evolve due to the collaborative relationships, influences, and needs of the amazing Indigenous partners we work with.


Beyond simply creating reliable products, we build and maintain trust through honesty, transparency, and accountability. We build relationships by supporting and talking regularly with all our partners to ensure ideas are heard.


Our development process is collaborative. We engage our clients as partners to solve real challenges and create solutions that positively impact their community.


Even the most technically-shy clients can easily use our software—but they are never alone We are widely recognized for the quality of our training and ongoing support, and will be there every step of the way.


While others cringe at the word customization, we will work step by step to customize our software to meet your long term goals.

Control Data Access

We understand and respect your data ownership. Dadavan’s permission-based systems put you in control of access. The Outcomes Suite of products and policies support the security and privacy of your students and employees.

Connect Anywhere

Many of Dadavan’s Indigenous clients live in rural and remote regions of Canada where connectivity poses unique challenges. Outcomes can overcome connectivity issues through local, offline installation.

Government Reporting

Outcomes SIS, PSE+, and ACT make it easy to generate government reports and export data for submissions. INAC reporting including Nominal Roll, PSE report, and Special Education DCI can be created efficiently and accurately and easily exported. Many reports including retention rate, graduation rate, and attendance can be used for provincial and annual community reporting.

Flexibility for Cultural Reasons

Student schedules can be set up to take into account seasonal cultural activities such as trapping, fishing, and hunting. Attendance reports can be similarly customized.

Native Languages

Syllabic keyboards enable report cards to be written in your community’s native language.

Indigenous-specific Assessments

Outcomes SIS includes several Indigenous-specific assessments including a medicine wheel index and Indigenous language assessments.

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

Outcomes Suite

Track student data from daycare through to high school and post-secondary studies. The Outcomes Suite (Outcomes SIS, PSE+, and ACT) enables schools to convert collected data into meaningful reports, which can be used to make smart, meaningful decisions about students, schools, and community goals.

Outcomes Student Information System

Outcomes SIS performs beyond a typical student information system to meet the unique needs of Indigenous communities and educators that are looking for a solution customizable to their needs. You’ll find all the usual Student Information System (SIS) functions, but it’s the customization abilities that really set this software apart.


  • Student Database
  • Attendance
  • Parent/Student Access
  • Literacy/Numeracy Assessments
  • Teacher Planner
  • Behaviour Management
  • File Manager
  • Staff Attendance
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Government Reporting
  • Health and Fitness Reporting
  • Special Education
  • Report Cards
  • Graduation Eligibility
  • Mark Book
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Chemical Inventory

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

ACT (Aboriginal Community Tool)

A valuable connection between home, school, and community

ACT is a community-owned database designed to help Indigenous communities support their students attending off-reserve public, private or alternative schools.

  • Student Database - ACT stores data such as attendance, courses taken, marks achieved, graduation and retention rates, literacy and numeracy scores, and more
  • Community Access - Use collected data to set education goals, develop student support programs, and empower your community to be a strong and supportive voice in their children’s education
  • Reporting - An abundance of time saving reports are at your fingertips, including retention, attendance, post secondary readiness, and graduation rates

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

PSE+ (Post Secondary Education)

Post-secondary education data collection and insights

Learning continues beyond grade 12 and so does data collection. Designed to meet the needs of Indigenous communities, PSE+ is a data management tool that enables communities to keep track of students enrolled in post-secondary education.

  • Student Database - Record details concerning each student’s education such as the degree/certificate, courses completed, marks, credits, and financial support
  • Community Access - Empower your community to set, track, and better support its students
  • Government Reporting - Easily generate reports for government departments like INAC

Dadavan and Indigenous Partnerships: A History of Trust and Respect

How can the Outcomes Suite benefit your Community?

  • Store all student data in one centralized database no matter where schools are located.
  • Gain control over data, managing permissions and access for every module.
  • Improve student retention, attendance literacy, numeracy, and graduation rates.
  • View trends and make decisions based on student data across years.
  • Save administrators time compiling data.
  • Identify behavioural challenges early.
  • Easily translate into other languages.
  • Report directly to governing or funding agencies.
  • Create customized features and reports based on your specifications.
  • Include cultural and language specific assessments for your community.

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