Feb 8, 2022

Your Student Portal - How to Log In, Apply and Upload Documents


Accessing your Student Portal

As a new student once your application has been reviewed or if you are a returning student looking to submit a new application, it is now time for you to access your Student Portal. Below are videos that show you how to gain access and navigate your student portal.

NOTE: When viewing the video in Expanded view you can choose a higher resolution by clicking on the orange system wheel in the lower right corner of the viewing window and selecting 'Original'.

Video #1 - Accessing your student portal

This video will take you through the steps required to retrieve your password and log into your Student Portal.

Video Length: 2 min 11 sec

Video #1 - Retrieving your password and logging in

Video #2 - Working with the File Manager

This video will show you how to access the file manager, upload documents and view existing documents

Video Length: 2 min 17 sec

Video #2 - Working with the File Manager

Video #3 - Applications

This video will show you how to view your existing applications and submit a new one when required.

Video Length: 3 min 02 sec

Video #3 - Viewing and submitting applications

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